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  • Grant Bentley
  • Louise Bentley
  • Dr Ronak Shah
  • Dr Harsh Nigam
  • Dr Nilanjana Basu
  • Dr Rashid Akhtar
  • Prof. V.K. Chauhan
  • Dr R.K. Manchanda
  • Dr Maneesha Solanki
  • Dr Saptarshi Banerjea
  • Dr Kathika Chattopadhyay
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RECOMMENDED FOR: Under Graduates

Homeopathic Pharmacy – Homeopathic Pharmaceutics

The course has been designed according to the latest CCH syllabus for the undergraduate level, in a manner so as to deliver the best out of the topics to the students and also to raise their interests in the subject. The course explains in detail all the important topics like Old and new method of mother tinctures preparation, Pharmacopoeias of the United States and Germany, Potentization and associated topics, Posology, Prescription, Pharmaconomy, and Pharmaco-vigilance, etc.

Also, reference has been taken from various research papers wherever required to deliver the best of the subject to the students.

Great care has been taken to explain the difficult topics in an easy and feasible manner. And the best part is that you don’t have to peep into different places for different topics that are in your syllabus. You get them all here, easily available.

Course Benefits:

The main idea behind this course is to provide the students a platform to go to the depth of the homeopathic pharmacy which has been explained beautifully through visual illustrations that will improve your interest and knowledge in the subject.

  • In-depth discussion of the topics
  • Details of various books just on one platform
  • Reference is given from Organon of Medicine and Materia Medica where ever needed.
  • References from other literature also covered where ever required.
  • Graphical representation of the procedures for better engagement and understanding.
  • All your queries will be answered via E-mail.



Under Graduates

$44.99 $37.49*
$44.99 $37.49*
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Homeopathic Materia Medica with Competitive Approach

This course is designed in a way that covers the important segments of all the remedies in light of multiple choice questions. Apart from MCQs the important and lesser known remedies, analogous remedies, bowel nosodes and many such important topics have also been covered.

Course Benefit

The aim of this program is to prepare UG students and doctors for competitive exams in such a way that all important aspects are covered leaving behind no space for failure.


AIAPGET / UPSC/STATE PSCs/Research officers.


  1. To explain the origin of the Homeopathic Materia Medica in the introductory part.
  2. To discuss various types of Materia Medica in brief.
  3. To explain the Guiding symptoms, Keynote symptoms, Clinical symptoms, Modalities, Comparative study of different medicines in light of MCQs.
  4. To discuss Analogous medicines from Allen’s keynotes, Trios of remedies, Remedy relationship, Common name of remedies and Bowel Nosodes.
  5. To discuss the important symptoms of Uncommon, Rare and Indian remedies, Less proven remedies from Boericke’s Materia Medica and other reliable sources.
  6. To practice model multiple choice questions based on the entire course-content for effective revision.
$89.99 $59.99*
$89.99 $59.99*
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Systemic Anatomy and Physiology with Clinical Approach

The purpose of this combinedAnatomy and Physiology course at advance levelis to make the students aware of different systems in depth with respect to Applied Anatomy and Physiology systematically.

The following course has been designed in a format that will clear all your doubts of Anatomy as well as Physiology with practical point of view. The course focuses on details of each topic to its depth with various researches and additions in the recent years in the form of ‘Clinical Alerts’, ‘Brainstorming Sessions’ wherever needed and also ‘Solved MCQ’s’ at the end of each chapter with detailed explanation to make it more precise.

We have focused on those topics which are repeatedly asked in Examination and Interviews.

Course Highlights

  • Systemic Anatomy and Physiology shall be taught with emphasis on Developmental Anatomy, Broad Relationship, Surface Marking, Radiological Anatomy, and Applied Anatomy.
  • Focus will be on common and important Surface Anatomy Landmarks pertaining to different clinical conditions asked in exams in form of MCQs and job Interviews etc.
  • Common Physiological phenomenon and concepts to be covered which are frequently asked in Entrances.
$89.99 $59.99*
$89.99 $59.99*
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Learning the Art of Rapid Classical Miasmatic Prescribing

The inclusion of miasm in a homoeopathic prescription is becoming more and more important in this modern world of suppression, hence, learning the art of rapid classical Miasmatic prescribing is necessary. Hahnemann with his infinite wisdom recognised some two hundred years ago the prominence of one-sided diseases with a scarcity of proper characteristic symptoms, and the increasing usage of modern drugs has intensified this to a degree that such cases are becoming increasingly common today. There can only be one approach if a complete cure is sought and this is to systematically remove each layer of suppression and miasmatic dyscrasia before proceeding to nip the underlying cause of disease in the bud.

Course Content:
The course is practical and incorporates the ancestral tips and wisdom of five generations of Homoeopathy. The modules have been constructed in a way to enhance the analysis of rapid classical miasmatic prescribing.

With proper application, miasmatic prescribing can uproot the underlying cause of disease and nip the bud of increased susceptibility to future diseases, so it is not only curative but also preventative, something for which our patients will surely thank us in the long run. There are no shortcuts to complete and permanent cure and it is up to us and our patients to play our parts in striving towards successful treatment in as many cases as possible. It is by the incorporation of miasmatic prescribing into our treatments that this can become possible.

UG/PG students, Practitioners

Course Benefit:

  • Defining the homoeopathic context of the word miasm as an:
  • Invisible
  • Inimical
  • dynamic principle
  • an inherited weakness
  • a stigma or vacuum in the constitution

The analogy of the peeling away of petals from the lotus flower, a representation of the removal of each different layer of suppression or disease and their corresponding dyscrasia to demonstrate the curative art of miasmatic prescribing.

$134.99 $104.99*
$134.99 $104.99*
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Four Ways to Rejuvenate Your Practice

Homeopathy finds its origin back in the eighteenth century. But with changing times and advancing technologies, it is imperative to amend the way we practice the art and science of Homeopathy and adapt to the demands of the modern time. This course talks about the four ways in which a homeopath’s medical practice can leap forward by going digital on the level of repertory, materia medica and case taking- the three foundations of a successful homeopathic practice.


Dr. Frederik Schroyens is the man behind the Synthesis Repertory. Through this course, he intends to lead the budding as well as the established homeopaths into the digital world of homeopathy wherein he talks about the technique of recording the patient’s history i.e. digital case taking in the first module, followed by case processing by integrating the repertory and materia medica. These two steps form the very core of the art and science of Homeopathy.

Further, Dr. Frederik emphasizes upon the extension of one’s daily medical practice into the realms of research for Homeopathy. Through the module on Evidence- based Homeopathy, Dr. Frederik encourages the homeopaths to register their own clinical experiences and share them with the Homeopathic community worldwide.

In the module on Additions to Synthesis, Dr. Frederik discusses the importance of a deeper understanding of the repertory and gives insight into the quality of additions being made to the Synthesis repertory, the source material for which ranges from proving to the clinical experience of Homeopaths from around the world.

In theend, Dr. Frederik has added a brief topic i.e. Significance of Dreams in Homeopathy. This presentation discusses the importance of going beyond the ‘conscious’ of the patient through his dreams into the subconscious and incorporating the same in the repertorising process.


  1. It helps a physician view his medical practice in a new light, advancing the procedures of case taking and case processing to the digital arena.
  2. It is important for the budding physicians as well as established homeopaths to extend their practice to the digital platform with the aim of sharing their clinical experiences with the homeopaths around the globe and thus participate and contribute to the field of research in Homeopathy.

BENEFICIARIES- UG/PG Students, Interns and Homeopathic Practitioners


  1. Digitalization of the core procedures of case taking and repertorisation
  2. Developing the homeopathic practice in tandem with modern technology and advancing it to the global arena for the purpose of sharing and research.
  3. Delving into the subconscious of the patient by going beyond what is apparent in his conscious through enquiring the details of his dreams and incorporating it into the process of repertorisation.
$134.99 $59.99*
$134.99 $59.99*
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Comparative Homeopathic Psychology

Homeopathy relies largely on the mentality and the mind symtoms of a patient to identify his constitution. Homeopathic psychology deals with understanding the personality of a patient which is as important as his physical traits in individualizing the case and finding the best suited similimum.

Course content:
Psychological Materia Medica is extensively described, with special reference to case studies
comparison with similar remedies, clinical application, central issues, keynotes and the essence.


  • Effective way to learn the subtleties of psychological Materia Medica
  • Effective way to learn how to apply this knowledge clinically

Beneficiaries: (CME)

  • UG/PG students
  • Practitioners

Course Benefit:
Many practitioners have a good knowledge of the physical Material Medica of constitutional remedies, but only a sketchy understanding of the mental characteristics. This leads inevitably to poor prescribing, as there is such a lot of overlap between the physical symptoms and generals of different remedies. Only with a deep familiarity

with the mental characteristics of the remedies can constitutional prescribing become accurate and effective.

$149.99 $119.99*
$149.99 $119.99*
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Homeopathic Facial Analysis : Mastering the Clinical Methodology of HFA + Practical Application of Facial Analysis for Miasmatic Diagnosis

The course is divided into 20 classes.


Homeopathic Facial Analysis : Mastering the Clinical Methodology of HFA + Practical Application of Facial Analysis for Miasmatic Diagnosis

The BJain HFA course has been developed and presented by Grant and Louise Bentley in 2019 to bring the concepts of using facial structure for miasmatic diagnosis to a world homeopathic audience. Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) started as a research project in 1999 in Melbourne Australia at the Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy.  Grant Bentley (principal) looked at the works of JH Allen, HR Roberts and D Foubister who had all mentioned the influence of the miasm upon the face.  By 2003, the HFA project had developed from a miasmatic question to a concept to a working model.  By 2004, the practice of prescribing a homeopathic remedy for a chronic problem with a miasmatic diagnosis – from the face – was established in clinical practice.  The HFA method was tested and streamlined and taught to students in 25 countries.  Practitioners reported strong results using the instructions of the giants of homeopathy…

  • Hahnemann – totality of symptoms, every chronic prescription must have a miasmatic* base
  • Kent – sophisticated concept of the constitution
  • Boenninghausen – systemised approached to generalised repertorisation
  • Hering – guideline to understanding the effects of remedies with case management

*Miasm determined by a dominant miasm method – HFA – from patient facial structure

$255.60 $179.99*
$255.60 $179.99*
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Principles of Homeopathic Prescribing | Modus Foundation + Methodology of Homeopathic Prescribing | Modus Prescriber




  • Principles of Homeopathic Prescribing | Modus Foundation

The aim of the Modus programme is the integration of Hahnemannian principles, as presented in the Organon, into modern Homeopathic clinical practice.

  • Methodology of Homeopathic Prescribing | Modus Prescriber

Modus prescriber has been derived from the word – modus which means the methodology and prescriber which means to prescribe. Modus prescriber is the methodology that a practitioner of homoeopathy must acquaint himself with, in order to prescribe efficiently to get predictable results in different case scenarios with high level of proficiency.
Course of modus prescriber delves into the theoretical and practical aspects of making efficient homeopathic prescriptions in accordance with the philosophies and principles stated by the stalwarts of homeopathy. Dr Harsh Nigam introduces the students to the principles of remedy selection and rules of prescribing followed by various therapeutic strategies that a homeopathic must know. In the later modules, he throws light on the other aspects of a homeopathic prescription like posology and potency selection and dives deeper into the intricacies of case taking and case analysis in homeopathic parlance. Finally Dr Nigam explains the details of case management and follow up planning, Along with a knowhow of how to integrate Homeopathy with modern clinical medical scenario.

Importance of Modus Prescriber :
a. It helps a student as well as established practitioners to practice homeopathy in tandem with the prevalent modern school of medicine.
b. It helps a budding physician to stay focused on the path enlightened by the stalwarts of homeopathy ie to practice homeopathy a modern approach butting to the 21st century manner without deviating from the conventional path of classical homeopathy

UG/PG Students and Homoeopathic Practitioners

Course benefit:
a. Writing prescriptions on correct principles and philosophies
b. Developing correct methodology of reaching the decision regarding the selection of medicine, its potency and repition schedule and formulating correct and appropriate treatment plans and follow up schedules, as per the requirement of the case.

$157.50 $112.49*
$157.50 $112.49*
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Homeopathy in Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases comprise the most prevalent serious disorders worldwide and are a rapidly growing problem in developing nations. Nonetheless, cardiovascular diseases remain the most common causes of death and approximately one fourth of these deaths are sudden, The symptoms caused by cardiovascular disease result most commonly from myocardial ischemia and manifest most frequently as chest pain or chest discomfort. Although chest pain is a cardinal manifestation of myocardial ischemia it may result from variety of non-cardiac and cardiac causes other than myocardial ischemia. Whether heart disease is responsible for this symptom, it can be determined only by carrying out a careful clinical examination supplemented by non-invasive investigations like electrocardiography at rest or during exercise, echocardiography, x-ray and other forms of myocardial imaging, followed by blood tests to assess risk e.g. lipid profile or cardiac function e.g. cardiac biomarkers. This will not only help in establishing a correct and complete cardiac diagnosis but will also play an important role in deciding the management strategy for a patient with symptom of chest pain. This will help in eliminating the risk factors, preventing the progress of disease and managing the acute state thus preventing the risk of sudden death or morbidity due to myocardial ischemia. This module is prepared on Homoeopathy in cardiovascular diseases. This is one of the example of clinical presentation of chest pain which is the most frequent encounter in our clinical practice. Therefore felt appropriate to discuss it in detail. To become a competent homeopathic practitioner, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of clinical aspect of disease i.e. to ‘know the sickness’ and strong grounding in the principles and concepts of homeopathy, thus to ‘know the person behind the sickness’ based on the fundamental principles of health and disease. Therefore comprehensive clinical education and training and integrated approach is an essential requirement of homeopathic education. The three modules on ‘Homeopathy in Cardiovascular Diseases’ is based on the above thinking.

$22.49 $14.99*
$22.49 $14.99*
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Repertory At A Glance

Repertory is the English term for the French term Repertoire which means a storehouse. Repertory is an index of symptoms which quickens the process of reaching the similimum.

Course Content:
The repertory online course consisting of the entire process of repertorisation is explained with the help of clinical cases of Dr Tiwari.

  1. The first and second module covers the introductory part of case taking, analysis of the case, evaluation of the case so that a suitable repertory can be selected for finding out a similimum.
  2. The following modules include the study of various repertories like BBCR, Kent, Boenninghaussen and modern repertories with their philosophies and working methodologies as per the suitability of the case.

1. It helps in correct prescribing by finding a similar remedy based on the right principle.
2. To study the repertory and the whole content of this course and methodology of prescribing in different types of cases.

UG/PG Students

Course Benefit:
1. Selection of the remedy on correct methodology through repertorisation.
2. Developing the correct procedure of understanding a case and working out the case in a logical and scientific way.

$89.99 $74.99*
$89.99 $74.99*
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Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

This course will help you understand almost all important topics of forensic medicine and toxicology in a crisp, concise and comprehensible manner, and help you prepare for competitive exams with the easy recollection of topics discussed with the help of MCQs.

Students and exam aspirants will be able to get a clear insight into all the relevant chapters and benefit from the up-to-date explanations as to how and why an answer is a correct option. This will also save valuable time and act as a re-doable exercise whenever one wants to brush up on F.M.T.

Care has been taken to pick up the most important and difficult topics and explain them in a lucid and easily memorizable manner; and also questions that have been asked before in various entrance exams. Practical guidelines and easy to remember tips have been added to make this online course exhaustive yet useful.


The idea behind this online course is to make you exam-ready for Forensic Medicine and Toxicology questions through MCQs based learning of various topics.


AIAPGET/UPSC/State PSCs/Research Officer


  1. To help the students understand various concepts of Forensic medicine in a concise manner
  2. To prepare for various competitive exams
  3. To be able to brush through questions and the explanations of questions asked previously
  4. To enrich the students with practical understanding in the medicolegal domain to be used in homeopathic clinics.
$22.49 $19.49*
$22.49 $19.49*
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Clinical Materia Medica

Clinical Materia Medica is one of ways of studying Materia Medica. This is one subject, which not just to be read but practiced. It is quite simply the art of applying Materia Medica in practice.

Clinical Materia Medica denotes an effective way of studying and understanding Homeopathic Materia Medica. This is a subject, which needs to be practised. It is quite simply the art of applying Materia Medica in practice.

Materia Medica explained clinically supported by cases for better understanding.

In each module following steps

   A. Evolution of polychrest
   B. With Case study

  • Symptoms totality
  • Analysis & Evaluation
  • Radar Repertorization
  • Reportorial Result
  • Cross ref. with M.M.
  • Differential Diagnosis of prescription
  • Clinical Indications

     A. Effective way to study & understand Materia medica.
     B. The way to apply this knowledge in practice.

Beneficiaries : UG/Pg students, Practitioners

COURSE Benefit

Understanding a drug is quite a laborious task especially for students. All drugs appear similar to the beginners. For the practitioners also keynotes & characteristics are equally important. On repertorization one gets a list of closely running similar remedies, it is the keynotes & characteristics that play a final decisive role in order to arrive at the similimum. In each module Dr Shah explained distinctive features of each drug. Thus ‘Clinical Materia Medica’ course becomes an essential tool in the hands of students to identify & comprehend the drug picture or to differentiate it from other similar looking drugs.

As we know, Dr E.A. Farrington in the introduction of his Clinical Materia Media advises all Homeopaths to adopt a plan of study for Materia Medica, even if it may not be correct, still a plan should be adopted and retained to the end. He states that his clinical way of studying Materia Medica if adopted may not be clear in the beginning, but after coming up time and again, what seems difficult earlier, becomes easy enough.

Dr Ronak Shah with his years of experience and knowledge helps us to understand this method of studying Materia Medica and the practical application of it in our clinical practice.


In each module Dr Shah explained distinctive features of each drug. Thus, ‘Clinical Materia Medica’ course becomes an essential tool in the hands of students to identify & comprehend the drug picture or to differentiate it from other similar looking drugs.

$104.99 $74.99*
$104.99 $74.99*
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What our Users Say?


Dr Ruth Hull

I really enjoyed going back to the fundamental basics of homoeopathy and have started using Dr Nigam’s clear, logical method of assessing each case and prescribing according to specific rules.  It is such a help in my everyday practice to have a very clear method to follow – thank you!    


Andrew Winnicki

Hello Dr Saptarshi Banerjea

Thanks for a great lecture! I just love the way you teach. It’s great to refresh the miasms.

Are you planning to offer more courses at the Homeopathic Academy?




Fantastic portal to study online. I can honestly say I enjoyed every moment. I think The Homeopathic Academy has probably got good teachers & doctors and is helping budding homeopaths to increase their knowledge. These Online Video lectures and support is given to the users are all contributing to this and The Homeopathic Academy would be my first choice if I were to do it all over again. Thank you!


Dr. Deepa Patil

Namaste THA,

Thank you for bringing the enlightening courses by the best teachers.


Moin Shaik


“Very nice teaching!”

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