THA – the world we live in

Tech-led innovations have disrupted every industry that we can think of today and the education sector is no exception. This sector too has witnessed remarkable changes with students and teachers rapidly embracing the opportunities offered by technology. With increased internet penetration, smartphone adoption, and screens becoming the primary mode of content consumption amongst children, its only natural to imagine a future where learning will be characterized by tech-enabled hyper-personalized learning experiences. test

The desire of a student is to access QUALITY and PERSONALIZED education and B.Jain believes these are the same desires and aspirations of homeopathic students and practitioners.

Vision of THA

B.Jain’s vision is to help improve the quality of education in homeopathy. The Homeopathic Academy offers Digital Online Homeopathic Video Courses that provide focused learning with good teachers having great clinical experience that will help the viewer to excel in his or her field. THA will also aims to create a multilingual education platform to pursue better internship and career opportunities.

Mission of THA 

To create high-quality digital online homeopathic course videos with the best teachers from around the world as course materials for homeopathic schools, colleges and other institutions (UG and PG as well as offering CME courses). To use the best teachers – state of the art technology – dynamic development team – as well as content and media, to assist homeopathic students and practitioners in lifelong learning.

THA objectives

Offer Good Teachers and Teaching accessible to all via the digital interface. Produce engaging and effective learning experience – using multimedia – subtitles, and graphics to enhance the learning process. Allow Students to learn in their own language, at their own pace, anytime, anywhere. To Supplement and augment conventional homeopathic studies – THA does not replace schools and colleges. Offer Certified CME courses delivered by the best teachers in homeopathy. For top students offer career opportunities – job placements at leading homeopathic organizations worldwide.

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