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THA has been launched with an aim of providing premium quality education in the field of Homeopathy through digital interface.

Homeopathy is the second largest system of medicine in the world with over 200 million practitioners and students around the world. 24X7 availability and ease of access – anywhere, anytime, makes this digital platform of online learning, a great asset for any student as well as an established practitioner with a busy schedule.

The Homeopathy Accedemy


THA brings together an array of high quality digital Homeopathy courses in myriad subjects like Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacy, Forensic medicine, Psychiatry, Psychology, Organon of Medicine, Surgery and many more.

The courses benefit undergraduate and post-graduate students, practitioners of Homeopathy at various levels of seniority, UPSC aspirants and avid CME participants.

The clinical case studies enhance the online learning process and enables the learner to push his medical knowledge further.

The learner can make notes simultaneously while watching the video which are automatically saved till the learner wishes to re-open and make changes to the same. Practice, review and learn anytime at your convenience.


Choose your own course from an assemblage of online Homeopathy courses, select one or more courses from the comfort of your home and study at your own pace. THA provides a certificate of completion to each student after successful submission and clearance of revision assignments, provided at the end of each module.



THA brings together the best preceptors, experts, mentors, eminent Homeopathic teachers and globally-renowned authors from around the world on one platform.

Learn your subjects anytime, anywhere in an interactive way from the masters themselves- THA provides its learners with a facility of asking questions while listening to the mentor and receiving answers to their questions in a short span.

Lucky few subscribers will get a chance to gain clinical experience with the mentor.


THA offers its learners with e-courses fortified with visually explained concepts through graphs, charts, tables & 2D-3D animations.

All videos have subtitles through state-of-the-art audio-video technology that helps the learner to leap forward into the digital arena of Homeopathy.

A dynamic team of specialized doctors, graphic designers, animators and editors work on developing the content of the course which undergoes several previews and reviews before going online.



THA believes in interactive learning therefore, while webcasts of courses involve a one-way flow of information from the speaker to a student, THA provides all its learners, the facility of live chat with the doctors working behind the curtains; anytime during the scheduled hours for any queries, questions or other discussions regarding online Homeopathy courses.

Self-help quizzes in each course makes learning at THA interactive, engaging as well as effective.

Why Study with THA?

As a THA student, you’ll experience an education that fuels your passion and connects you with a global wellness community. You’ll gain integrative health and wellness knowledge through experiential learning in cutting-edge digital online homeopathic courses where faculty will inspire you to keep learning.

Need of THA

In India alone, over 50,000 students graduate every year not enough resources available to give these students a quality education You can imagine having a repertory teacher who is over the highest quality or A Doctor teaching Organon or Materia Medica available to every one of those students. It’s not an easy task but with the help of

THA Motto :

“Tell me and I forget,

Teach me and I may remember,

Involve me and I learn.”

― Benjamin Franklin

DOHC’S – is all about connection, involvement.
THA’s DOHC’S are a game changer for Homeopathic education

–    available online when you want them

–    low cost

–    helping supplement college curriculums

–    Offering students what they need when they need it.

In this ‘Connected Age’,

DOHC’S help


‘Students’ and



Develop, maintain and be involved in lifelong learning.

On THA Platform,

Leading homeopathic teachers come together to prepare & teach course for students, whether undergraduate or post-graduate and even professional homeopaths.

Technology & Medium

The Digital Online Homeopathy Courses are recorded in the B.Jain Noida office,

In soundproof bunker room,

Equipped with the professional audio-video recording equipment’s.

Recorded in a special “green room” that allows to show,

Your computer screen, Statistics and PowerPoint Presentations

Through Multimedia Objects, Graphics & Animations

That can be presented to the students.

Advantage of THA

Access 24 hours a day

Quality education

Quality information

Quality training skills

To develop competencies in the manner that the viewers wishes to learn.

To become the best homeopathic practitioner All over the world.

In multilingual format whether they be in Chinese, Spanish, English, German, Brazilian, or Portuguese.

THA aims to assist the Homeopathic community to develop a 21st-century solution to a 21st-century need.

THA is committed to serving the World of Homeopathy in the best possible ways and strives to go multilingual soon. Keep learning!

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