Clinical Materia Medica

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  • Duration 5 hours
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Clinical Materia Medica is one of the ways of studying Materia Medica. This is one subject, which not just to be read but practiced.



    • Module 01: Veratrum Album
      21 min
    • Module 02: Baryta Carb
      18 min

    • Module 03: Argentum Nitricum
      17 min

    • Module 04: Calcarea Carb
      18 min

    • Module 05: Sepia Succus
      17 min

    • Module 06: Phosphorus
      17 min

    • Module 7: Magnesium Carb
      10 min

    • Module 8: Aurum Metallicum
      18 min

    • Module 9: Staphysagria
      24 min

    • Module 10: Lycopodium


Dr Ronak Shah
Dr Ronak Shah MD (Homeopathy) is a dedicated Researcher, Clinician, Teacher and promoter of Homoeopathy. He practices in Vadodara, India and Singapore since 1989.

Long Description

Clinical Materia Medica is one of ways of studying Materia Medica. This is one subject, which not just to be read but practiced. It is quite simply the art of applying Materia Medica in practice.

Materia Medica explained clinically supported by cases for better understanding.

In each module following steps

   A. Evolution of polychrest
   B. With Case study

  • Symptoms totality
  • Analysis & Evaluation
  • Radar Repertorization
  • Reportorial Result
  • Cross ref. with M.M.
  • Differential Diagnosis of prescription
  • Clinical Indications

     A. Effective way to study & understand Materia medica.
     B. The way to apply this knowledge in practice.

Beneficiaries : UG/Pg students, Practitioners

COURSE Benefit

Understanding a drug is quite a laborious task especially for students. All drugs appear similar to the beginners. For the practitioners also keynotes & characteristics are equally important. On repertorization one gets a list of closely running similar remedies, it is the keynotes & characteristics that play a final decisive role in order to arrive at the similimum. In each module Dr Shah explained distinctive features of each drug. Thus ‘Clinical Materia Medica’ course becomes an essential tool in the hands of students to identify & comprehend the drug picture or to differentiate it from other similar looking drugs.

$104.99 $89.99*


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    January 27, 2020

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