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Comprehending Homeopathic Remedies: Nosodes

Homoeopathy as its name proclaims is the science of “like sickness”, because its medicines are used to cure only the exact conditions they can produce in healthy human beings. Homoeopathy is the medicine of vital stimulation, that refers to its aim, which is not physiological action, but vital reaction. Nosodes comprise dilutions of pathogenic organs or tissues; causative agents such as bacteria, fungi, ova, parasites, virus particles and yeast; disease products; and excretions or secretions. Nosodes are considered as homoeopathic medicines, if processed in accordance with a recognized homoeopathic pharmacopoeia in official use, or other officially recognized documents. Nosodes though neglected but when used have proven to produce excellent results. Nosodes is a very vast subject to study in homoeopathy, till now more than 60 nosodes have been introduced in the homoeopathic field. Many new nosodes are also being added to the armamentarium of our Materia Medica. Through this course we will study a good number of nosodes including the newest ones, in the best possible aspects.

Author : Dr. Poorva Tiwari
Course Duration: 14 hours

Course Benefit 

A. This course gives the students a good understanding of old as well as the recent nosodes in multiple aspects. 

B. Latest updated knowledge including new nosode remedies is the eye catching part of this course. 

C. In today’s environment of emerging epidemic and pandemic and falling trust of society towards antibiotics, good knowledge of homoeopathic nosodes and their implementation in such diseases will be very effective for students as well as practitioners. 

D. Information regarding each nosode though key points will be very helpful for students from examination purpose and for practitioners from practical point of view. 

E. Appropriate cases are discussed to understand the complete utility of Nosodes and their application in cases.


Dr. Poorva Tiwari

Dr. Poorva Tiwari

Dr. Poorva Tiwari holds an MD in Materia Medica from Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, Agra, and comple ...Read More

This course begins with an introduction to nosodes in context of what nosodes means in general and what they are for the homoeopathic field and how they are introduced in homoeopathy. This course enlightens the historical aspect of the various nosodes. Through this course we will understand how the various stalwarts classified nosodes in different groups to acquire in depth knowledge regarding the same. Further, it emphasizes the uses of various nosodes in homoeopathy, for the application in different types of cases. The course also includes important prospects on the main use of nosodes as homeoprophylaxis in epidemics and pandemics. The latest research regarding immunomodulation and its challenges have also been included under this course. Ultimately, the course also deals with important indications of various nosodes in Homeopathy.



Nosodes have a great potential in the field of Homeopathy. It is a less discussed, less understood part in homoeopathy. Due to the lack of understanding it is also less practiced and seldom used by homoeopathic practitioners. Despite the strengthening of health infrastructure, discovery of antibiotics, antivirals, etc., every epidemic poses a challenge to the government, due to which even the policymakers are looking at the ancient knowledge of traditional systems of medicine, including Homoeopathy as in the pandemic of COVID-19 and nosodes being prophylactic and curative and do wonders in the field. This course would focus on the use of nosodes as intercurrent, constitutional and in other important roles so that they can be used for a vast number of standstill or chronic or


Comprehending Homeopathic Remedies: Nosodes
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