General Anatomy & Physiology with Clinical Approach

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  • Duration 9.2 hours
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The purpose of this course of joint anatomy and physiology is to teach the functions, processes and inter-relationship of the different organs and systems of the normal disturbance in disease and to equip the student with normal standards of reference for use while diagnosing and treating deviations from the normal. This will help the student to understand the functional and applied aspect of human body. To a Homeopath the human organism is an integrated whole of body life and mind; and though life includes all the chemical-physical processes it transcends them. There can be no symptoms of disease without vital force animating the human organism and it is primarily the vital force which is deranged in disease. Physiology shall be taught from the standpoint of description of the physical processes underlying them in health. There should be close cooperation between these two departments while teaching the different systems. The following course has been designed in a format that will clear all your basics of Anatomy as well as Physiology. The course focuses on details of each topic to its depth with various researches and additions in the recent years in the form of clinical alerts, brainstorming sessions where ever needed and also solved MCQ’s at the end of each chapter with detailed explanation to make it more precise.


  • Course Videos

    • Module 1 : Introduction to Anatomical and Physiological Terms
      28 min
    • Module 2 : Imaging to Understand Basic Anatomy
      26 min

    • Module 3 : Basic Structure and Function of Cell
      14 min

    • Module 4 : Skeletal System: Functional Anatomy and Physiology
      48 min

    • Module 5 : Muscular System: Functional Anatomy and Physiology
      46 min

    • Module 6 : Nervous System: Organisation
      43 min

    • Module 7 : Blood, Lymphatic’s and Haemopoiesis: The Fuel Running the Show
      01 hour 15 min

    • Module 8 : Skin and its Appendages: Our Armour in Space
      55 min

    • Module 9 : Sensory organs: 24/7 Functional Gear
      59 min

    • Module 10 : Immunity: Our Protective Gear
      56 min

    • Module 11 A : Special Module on Recent Important Developments
      35 min

    • Module 11 B : Special Module on Recent Important Developments
      01 hour 05 min


Monika Devgan Kathuria
Dr. Monika DevganKathuria M.D. (Hom.) in Repertory completed her PG in 2008 and BHMS in 1995 from Nehru Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital (Delhi University).Shehas 24+ years of Experience in Homeopathic and Clinical Research field with Excellent Academic and Professional Credentials. She is the Chief consultant (Homeopathy) at ONGC - DUB (DELHI) Visiting Faculty at DR B R Sur Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital Visiting Faculty at IIPH Homeopathic consultant at NarainaVihar (Polyclinic - F block) Founder member Creo Zenith Health (Online Clinical Research Institute).

Long Description

The goal of this program is to help you cracking the competitive exams through multiple choice questions (MCQ’s) by increasing your knowledge of General Anatomy & Physiology.


  • AIAPGET/UPSC/State PSCs/Research Officer


  • To provide for the understanding of the morphological physiological and psychological principles which determine and influence the organism of the living body as a functioning unit
  • To co-relate and interpret the structural organism and normal physiology of the human body and thus to provide the data on which to anticipate disturbance of functions
  • To enable the student to recognize the anatomical and physiological basis of the clinical signs and symptoms of disorders due to injury, disease and mal development
  • To give the student to understand the factors involved in the development of pathological processes and the possible complications which may arise there from
  • For enabling the student to pick out strange, rare and uncommon symptoms from pathognomonic symptoms for individualisation of patients and drugs for the purpose of applying the law of similar in Homeopathic practice
$44.99 $37.49*


  1. Ishahaque ali
    February 11, 2020

    I want to do a short term homoeopathy course, I am 43 years, and HS com, n degree in BBA ,
    So kindly reply me.

    • THA
      February 14, 2020

      Welcome to the world of THA!
      We are offering number of homeopathic courses. You may enroll in the course you would like to by creating your user id.
      Keep Learning!

      • Monika Devgan Kathuria
        February 29, 2020

        You should start with understanding basic medical terminology and physiology terms

    • Prince19
      September 24, 2020

      Very nice and well illustrated course Happy to enroll in

  2. mssarguroh
    April 11, 2020

    Greatings of the day Doctor,
    I have been reading books on materia medica and some remedies for common diseases. I used to use Kent reportery long back but now stopped and try doing trial and error method on the basis of whatever I know. I have been studying for Certificate course in Homeopathic dispensing by NIOS of which I could not appear for exam as the study center and exam centers are not in Mumbai. I need your advice to suggest me a course which will help me in starting a homeopathic pharmacy legally and also that will help me in prescribing medicines for common diseases. I am already dispensing medicines in my relatives and friends on the basis of whatever knowledge I have which are 70% successful.
    Best regards,

    Saleem Sarguroh

  3. ปั้มไลค์
    July 19, 2020

    Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

  4. Pinkuroy77
    September 20, 2020

    Is there any pdf or notes including in this course?
    And can I download or watch the video any time by long in?

    • THA
      September 21, 2020

      Once you enroll in the course, you can watch the lectures online anytime & from anywhere.
      There is no option to download the video & there is no need for pdf as all videos are subtitled.
      You can watch end number of times there is no limit.
      Keep Learning!

    • THA
      September 21, 2020

      Once you enroll in the course, you can watch the lectures online anytime & from anywhere.
      There is no option to download the video & there is no need for pdf as all videos are subtitled.
      You can watch end number of times there is no limit.
      Keep Learning!

  5. Mantejinder Daudar
    May 24, 2021

    I want to do a certificate course in homeopathy plz suggest me. Which is not expensive

    • THA
      July 16, 2021

      There are many certificate courses available on the website. Please select the one you would like to do & enroll in the course online.
      Keep Learning!

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