Practice of Medicine: Infectious Diseases

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Over the past few years or decades, humanity has been through multiple infectious diseases, whether it be Ebola or the latest pandemic of COVID-19. Infectious diseases aren’t anything new. But, we cannot deny the fact that, with increased and freer movement of humans over this mighty Earth, infectious diseases are spreading and taking up new forms on a regular basis. With these newer forms, many diseases which have historically been known to affect a single organ system, have diversified and now attack multiple organ systems. All of these increase the burden to humankind and to the healthcare ecosystem of the world as a whole. In this course, we will discuss everything about infectious diseases, their various types, presenting complaints, etc. We will also discuss the related topic of Bioterrorism in this course.


  • Modules Description:

    • Module 1 – Presenting Complaints & Basics of Infectious Diseases
      46 min
    • Module 2A – Viral Infections – Part 1
      55 min

    • Module 2B – Viral Infections – Part 2
      19 min

    • Module 3A – Bacterial Infections – Part 1
      27 min

    • Module 3B – Bacterial Infections – Part 2
      40 min

    • Module 4 – Prion Diseases
      15 min

    • Module 5 – Bioterrorism & Biological Warfare
      22 min

    • Module 6 – Protozoal Infections
      46 min

    • Module 7 – Helminthic Infestations
      39 min

    • Module 8 – Fungal Infections
      35 min

    • Module 9 – Clinical Examination of the Febrile Patient
      31 min


Rashi Prakash
Dr. Rashi Prakash completed her BHMS from Nehru Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, DU, and holds a post-graduate diploma (Sexology). She has worked with reputed multispecialty hospitals and NGOs in Delhi. She is MBA (Hospital Administration) from ICFAI University. She has been awarded ‘Shaurya Puraskar’ (National level) and merit certificates from the Directorate of Education for academic excellence.

Long Description

Beginning with the presenting complaints and basics of Infectious Diseases, this course will discuss various infectious diseases. For the convenience of the learners, these infections will be studied under headings including viral infections, bacterial infections, prion diseases, protozoal infections, helminthic infections and fungal infections. And, as already mentioned, the course also discusses Bioterrorism and their related agents. To conclude, this course also deals with the clinical examination of the febrile patient, since, the examination of such a patient is slightly different from other cases.

Importance :

The importance of study of infectious diseases, especially in this era cannot be stressed enough. While the pathogen is a culprit in the occurrence in infectious diseases, there are multiple factors involved. These include climate change, lifestyle changes, etc. Changes in these have led to decreased immunity in the present generation of humans. Given that tackling factors like climate change might take time and combined effort by the global community, we can only expect a surge in these infectious diseases, atleast for the foreseeable future. So, it is extremely important that physicians are made knowledgeable about infectious diseases. And, with that, they can be expected to do their part in easing the suffering of humankind. That is what this course on infectious diseases aims to do.


  • UG/PG Students

Course Benefit :

  1. The course deals with all the basic details about Infectious Diseases that a learner needs to know about. These include the presenting complaints, viral infections, bacterial infections, prion diseases, bioterrorism, protozoal infections, helminthic infections, fungal infections along with the clinical examination of patients who
    present with these infections.
  2. The course talks not only about the theoretical aspect of these infections, but also talks about dealing with such patients including their diagnosis and general management. So, this is not only helpful from the academic point of view, but, will also help you learners in your medical practice.


$44.99 $29.99*


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