Practice of Medicine: Infectious Diseases

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An Infection is defined as - a disease caused by micro organisms especially those that release toxins or invade body tissues. So the invasion and multiplication of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites that are not normally present within the body is called infection and the diseases that they so produce are called infectious diseases. Infectious diseases hold significance because these diseases produce more disability and death around the world than any other cause. All these infectious diseases have been thoroughly described in this chapter of Practice of Medicine called ‘Infectious Diseases’.


  • Modules Description:

    • Module 1 – Presenting Problems in Infectious Diseases

    • Module 2 – Viral Infections

    • Module 3 – Bacterial Infections

    • Module 4 – Prion Diseases

    • Module 5 – Bioterrorism

    • Module 6 – Protozoal Infections

    • Module 7 – Helminthic Infestations

    • Module 8 – Fungal Infections

    • Module 9 – Clinical Examination of the Febrile Patient



Long Description

The subject of Infectious Diseases has been dealt with in detail emphasising upon the various types of infectious diseases in humans, classified according to their causative organisms like bacterial diseases, viral diseases, prion diseases, and parasitic and fungal infestations . Each type of disease has been covered in a separate module to ensure that every aspect of the disease is carefully taken up and delved into.

Importance :

  1. As per WHO stats, emergence of infectious illnesses has caused a significant impact on global health and economics. It is thus important for physicians to understand these infections so that they may deal with them efficiently.
  2. Undergraduate students are upcoming physicians who are required to study each and every aspect of infectious diseases carefully so that they are judicious while handling these cases in their practice.


  • UG_IV Year

Course Benefit :

  1. The course deals with almost all common and important infectious illnesses in great depth and covers all aspects like aetiology, pathophysiology, clinical presentation and management of these diseases.
  2. The learner gets to learn about not just the infectious diseases theoretically but also practical aspects like identification of an infectious illness and clinical examination of patients suffering from an infectious disease.


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