Practice of Medicine: Paediatrics


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Paediatrics is a branch of medicine that deals with the diseases and disorders of children and adolescents and their medical care. Children being the foundation of humankind, Paediatrics forms an important arena of the subject of Practice of Medicine. Healthy children develop healthy communities and healthy communities cater to the society physically, emotionally, financially and socially, leading to an over all growth and development.


  • Modules Description:

    • Module 01. Neonates: Growth and Development

    • Module 02. Adolescence and its problems

    • Module 03. Genetic and Inherited Disorders

    • Module 04.A Paediatric Nutrition: Breast Feeding & Balanced diet with emphassis on Macronutrients

    • Module 04.B Nutrition: Balanced Diet with Emphasis on Micronutrients (Vitamins)

    • Module 04.C Nutrition: Balanced Diet with Emphasis on Micronutrients (Minerals) and Electrolyte Balance

    • Module 05.A The Defense System: Infections

    • Module 05.B The Defense System: Infestations

    • Module 05.C The Defense System: Immunization & Immunity

    • Module 06. Paediatric Cardiovascular Ailments

    • Module 07. Paediatric Ailments of the Brain and Spinal Cord

    • Module 08. Paediatric Endocrinology

    • Module 9. Paediatric Hematology

    • Module 10. Paediatric Ophthalmology

    • Module 11. Paediatric Ailments of the Ear Nose and Throat

    • Module 12. Paediatric Pulmonology

    • Module 13. Paediatric Gastroenterology

    • Module 14. Paediatric Nephrology and Urology

    • Module 15. Neuromuscular Ailments in Children

    • Module 16. Rheumatism in children

    • Module 17.A Paediatric Dermatology -Part A

    • Module 17.B Paediatric Dermatology -Part B

    • Module 18. Paediatric Toxicology and Trauma

    • Module 19. Emergency in paediatrics

    • Module 20.A Clinical Techniques in Paediatrics – Techniques of History Taking & General And Systemic Examination in Newborn Babies

    • Module 20. B Clinical Techniques in Paediatrics – Examination of the Ailing Child

    • Module 21. Paediatric Therapeutics



Long Description

The subject of Paediatrics has been dealt with in great depths and details taking into account the difference in readings and stats of children from those of adults. Every module elaborates upon the different aspects of human physiology and pathology from the paediatric angle. The diseases and disorders have all been explained extensively yet comprehensively for easy understanding.

Importance :

  1. Paediatricians are trained in diagnosing and subsequently dealing with the ailments of children right from the beginning of their post natal life, through infancy, childhood and up till adolescence.
  2. Studying the concepts of paediatrics is important at the undergraduate level as the learner becomes well versed with the theoretical concepts of paediatrics that will eventually help in enhancing the practical abilities of the learner in medical practice.
  3. The learner will learn the intricacies of the subject of paediatrics and get the latest updates as per the world health organization through this course which will upgrade and equip him with the latest advancements in the field and geer him/her up for medical practice as a paediatrician.


  • UG_IV Year

Course Benefit :

  1. The course delineates all the core concepts of paediatrics enhancing the learner’s knowledge about the theoretical aspects of the subject.
  2. The learner will get acquainted with several latest developments in the academic field of paediatrics apart from the undergraduate syllabus as designed by the CCH.


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