Practice of Medicine: Disorders of Metabolism

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Metabolic disease is defined as a disease due to abnormal biochemistry, usually as a result of an absent or deficient enzyme. Metabolic diseases also are known as inborn errors of metabolism. This is indeed a vast topic from Practice of Medicine and important because metabolism forms the very basis of sustenance of life. There are a huge number of metabolic processes in human body running simultaneously in order to maintain the body in a state of health. But equally large is the number of metabolic diseases which come up as a consequence of a fault in any of these metabolic processes.


  • Course Modules

    • Module 1. What is Metabolic Disease?
      18 min
    • Module 2. Impaired Homeostasis: Water
      41 min

    • Module 3. Impaired Homeostasis: Sodium
      45 min

    • Module 4. Impaired Homeostasis: Potassium
      45 min

    • Module 5. Impaired Homeostasis: Calcium
      37 min

    • Module 6. Impaired Homeostasis: Magnesium
      25 min

    • Module 7. Impaired Homeostasis: Phosphate
      32 min

    • Module 8. Acid Base Imbalance
      47 min

    • Module 9. Porphyrias
      36 min

    • Module 10. Disorders of Amino Acid Metabolism
      42 min

    • Module 11. Disorders of Lipid Metabolism
      19 min

    • Module 12. Disorders of Lipoprotein metabolism
      20 min

    • Module 13. Disorders of Carbohydrate Metabolism
      22 min

    • Module 14. Introduction to Diabetes Mellitus
      27 min

    • Module 15. Diabetes Mellitus: Aetiology & Pathogenesis
      33 min

    • Module 16. Diabetes Mellitus: Clinical Presentation
      34 min

    • Module 17. Diabetes Mellitus: Practical Aspect
      44 min

    • Module 18: Diabetes Mellitus: Management Strategies
      52 min

    • Module 19. Diabetes Mellitus: Complications & Their Treatment
      51 min

    • Module 20. Homeopathic Therapeutics in Diabetes Mellitus
      32 min

    • Module 21. Clinical Assessment and Investigations in Metabolic Disorders
      17 min


Rashi Prakash
Dr. Rashi Prakash completed her BHMS from Nehru Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, DU, and holds a post-graduate diploma (Sexology). She has worked with reputed multispecialty hospitals and NGOs in Delhi. She is MBA (Hospital Administration) from ICFAI University. She has been awarded ‘Shaurya Puraskar’ (National level) and merit certificates from the Directorate of Education for academic excellence.

Long Description

Course Content
The subject of Metabolic Diseases is vast and complex. Attempt has been made to cover metabolic diseases in a systematic and simplified manner. The disorders have been classified into disorders of homeostasis, acid base imbalance, metabolism of biomolecules and porphyrias. A detailed module on Diabetes Mellitus has been added with an aim to cover this disorder of carbohydrate metabolism in depth because it is also a lifestyle disorder and an
extremely common ailment in today’s medical practice.


A. Metabolic Diseases, though rare may be encountered in a number of patients who appear before the physician with an apparently unrelated complaint. Thus, it is important to be well versed with metabolic diseases so as to be able to deal with them efficiently.
B. Some metabolic diseases like Diabetes Mellitus have now become lifestyle disorders and are the major cause of blindness, amputations and death due to serious complications while other metabolic diseases like Porphyrias are nearly neglected as they are rare. Since both deserve judicious handling on part of the physician, it is important to be adept at it.


Beneficiaries: UG/PG Students


Course Benefit
A. The course deals with the most important metabolic diseases covered in a way that the learner will be able to relate them with normal physiology and understand the deviation from normal which led to the development of the given disease.
B. Each module has been incorporated with the latest advancements and researches in the field of metabolic diseases to allow the learner to upgrade the conceptual knowledge as well as update himself/ herself with the latest facts and figures.

$59.99 $44.99*

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