Practice of Medicine: Tropical Diseases

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The tropical region of the Earth, due to its proximity to the equator, is considered a home to a variety of biodiversity, which is a good thing. But, this biodiversity also means countless micro-organisms and other organisms, many of which are pathogenic. And, these pathogens then give rise to a variety of diseases called tropical diseases. But, are tropical diseases only confined to the tropical region of the planet? No! Due to the free to and fro movement of people, the so called “tropical diseases” aren’t localised to a specific region anymore. So, what once was a tropical dweller’s disease, has transformed to a tropical traveller’s disease too. And, with the climate change and other phenomena, more and more such diseases are popping up around the world. A physician should know about tropical diseases, regardless of the location of his clinic. This is because, on any fine morning, he could encounter a case of tropical disease in a patient who just returned from a tropical region. This course will help you gain vast amount of information about various tropical diseases, their clinical features, investigations and management.


  • Module Description

    • Module 1. What are Tropical Diseases?
      24 min
    • Module 2. Tropical Fever
      43 min

    • Module 3. Tropical Diarrhoea and Dysentery
      50 min

    • Module 4. Dermatological Issues in Tropics
      39 min

    • Module 5. Eosinophilia in the Tropics
      43 min

    • Module 6. Homeopathic Therapeutics in Tropical Illnesses
      50 min


Rashi Prakash
Dr. Rashi Prakash completed her BHMS from Nehru Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, DU, and holds a post-graduate diploma (Sexology). She has worked with reputed multispecialty hospitals and NGOs in Delhi. She is MBA (Hospital Administration) from ICFAI University. She has been awarded ‘Shaurya Puraskar’ (National level) and merit certificates from the Directorate of Education for academic excellence.

Long Description


Course Content

This course begins with an introduction to tropical diseases, where we go into its history and the geographical significance of the tropical region. Followed by this will be a discussion on the major presenting complaint in tropical diseases – fever, or rather, tropical fever. Then in the course comes the discussion of two other major presenting complaints – diarrhoea and dysentery along with their clinical features, management, etc. Dermatological presentations of Tropical disorders, like the dreaded Tropical ulcer also are a part of the course. Then,
Eosinophilia in the Tropics will also be discussed in detail, in a separate module. Finally, the course will also discuss Homeopathic therapeutics for tropical disorders and their presenting features.


With an increase in epidemics all over the world, tropical diseases are obviously a burden to the whole human community. This is also buttressed by the fact that international borders are virtually becoming porous due to the increased movement of the human population from region to region. Most physicians as students might not have given much importance to the studies and management strategies of tropical diseases. But, their increased incidence must be enough to nudge physicians towards studying these diseases in detail.



UG/PG Students


Course Benefit

  1. The course begins with acquainting the learner to tropical diseases, their history, evolution along with the geographical significance of tropical region and the reasons behind it contributing to a wide variety of these tropical diseases. Then, the course also lists the many tropical diseases along with their clinical features, diagnosis, management, etc. Along with that, we also discuss the main presenting complaints of
    these diseases which include fever, diarrhoea, dysentery, dermatological conditions and eosinophilia.
  2. The Course talks not only about the theoretical aspect of these infections, but also talks about dealing with such patients including their diagnosis and general management. Moreover, the discussion on the Homeopathic therapeutics will also acquaint the learners with Homeopathic remedies that are most often indicated in
    tropical diseases and their presentations. So, this is not only helpful from the academic point of view, but, will also help you learners in your medical practice.
$29.99 $14.99*

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