Doctor J.T Kent has quoted, “While Homeopathy itself is a perfect science, its truth is only partially known. The truth itself relates to the divine, the knowledge relates to the man.”

Listen to Dr Frederik Schroyens, in discussion with THA, and know how Homeopathy has proved to be a perfect science in the clinical experience of Dr Frederik during the last 40 years.

Dr Frederik Schroyens, the author of Synthesis repertory, the expert himself, is going to teach Synthesis repertory. Doctor Schroyens is going to share what is the course about, what benefits will people get from this course, who is the target audience, when to opt it during the career?

Dr Frederik has discussed the 4 ways to rejuvenate one’s practice. Focusing on digitalization, Dr Schroyens is going to run through different aspects of Repertory and Materia Medica during practice, while dealing a case in hand, and teach how, through the use of digital media, some tricks, and logical understanding, one can improve the way to see patients, the way to look at the Reparatory, to understand the Materia Medica and possibly find the remedy benefiting your patients.

Homeopathic Facial Analysis Popularly Known as HFA is an incredible method of reaching the right homeopathic remedy by analyzing the facial features of a patient who walks into the clinic and integrating the same into the miasmatic diagnosis of that patient.

Listen to Grant and Louise Bentley, Homeopaths from Australia, in Discussion with THA where they highlight the technique of using Homeopathic Facial Analysis in everyday medical practice and delve into the theoretical details of the methodology Homeopathic Facial Analysis, covering the linear steps to take when analyzing a patient’s face- how to allocate, measure and incorporate this analysis of facial features with the totality of symptoms presented by the patient.

they explain the amalgam of the presenting complaints, the facial features and the miasm of the patient brings out the most similar homeopathic remedy in the quickest and easiest possible manner, plus the results are accurate.

Homeopathic Facial Analysis simplifies the cumbersome process of repertorization by reducing the apparently similar medicines to a handy few. The method has been verified time and again by homeopathic practitioners world over and the feedback on results have been incredible.

Remeber a line from one of the famous poem ‘All who wander are not lost’

Listen to Dr. Harsh Nigam, in Discussion with THA where he tries to tell how the wanderers of Homeopathy must gain the confidence to get to the proper path & reach their destination.

Dr. Nigam explains how Modus Foundation program explores the very foundation of homeopathy. It benefits not just the students but also the beginners, the established practitioners and teachers of homeopathy in innumerable manners. The program offers a simple explanation of the principles of homeopathy.

The program explains concepts of Sapere Aude, Vital Force, Miasma, Constitution and Temperaments. An attempt has been made to explore the evolution and structure of repertories, the significance of symptom totality in prescribing and the essentials of repertorisati on in homeopathy.

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