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Dr M.K. Sahani

Professor DHMS, MD(Hom), PGDHHM, Certificate in Clinical Research

Dr Sahani was awarded PhD from the Maharastra University of Health Science for his research work on ‘’mode of administration of dynamic nature of Homoeopathic medicine’’. Dr Sahni’s popularity led him to be elected as member of the Central Council Of Homoeopathy, where he served as chairman of the education committee. Soft spoken Dr Sahni is popular among his patients, for whom his caring heart relates to their pain and misery giving solace to them.  He treats patients in India as well as from all over the world. He is visiting Professor, Examiner and on expert panel on various University, Commission and Institution. Theory becomes reality when applied in practice. In Dr M.K.Sahani one can observe him trying to convert theory in practice. With simplicity at heart he accepted only philosophy, which he could prove in practice. Thus Dr Sahani became a meeting point for both spiritualism and materialism. His cool and calmness of appearance keep meditating at mind to find out the panacea for all. His long journey in teaching accumulated as vast storehouse of information finally elevating him to the level of professor. With his deep interest in Homoeopathic Philosophy and ambition to visualize “philosophy in practice” he mastered in Repertory, Materia Medica and Homoeopathic philosophy.

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