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Question 1: Can these courses can be done by non medico students or not?
Answer: Courses can be done by anyone who wants to learn homeopathy.

Question 2: Can user put any designation like CCAH, FCAH, SCPH after completing this course?
Answer: No, the completion of any course does not entitle any user to put any designation.

Question 3: How can user be certified after completing the course in any country?
Answer: After completing the course, the user has to clear the quiz based on the course. After passing the quiz, the user will get online certification from the doctor/author/teacher of the course in collaboration with THA, irrespective of the country/region.

Question 4: How the course is conducted for international participants? Is it through webinar or online?
Answer: All courses are the video courses/lecture availble online.

Question 5: What are the minimum educational requirements to take this course?
Answer: Courses can be done by anyone who wants to learn homeopathy. There is no such additional educational requirement.

Question 6: Total fee for the courses?
Anwser: Fee to enroll the course is listed beside the respective courses.

Question 7: Are these courses on line for distance students?
Anwser: All courses are the video courses/lecture available online for every user upon successful enrollment.

Question 8: Will we get certificate of completion for free courses?
Answer: Certificate of completion may or may not be given for the free courses.

Question 9: I am unable to login using my existing login credentials from another country. What to do?
Answer: Please write to us on tha@bjainrx.com providing your user id and the country in which you have created the user id.

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