Why Study with THA?

As a THA student, you’ll experience an education that fuels your passion and connects you with a global wellness community. You’ll gain integrative health and wellness knowledge through experiential learning in cutting-edge digital online homeopathic courses where faculty will inspire you to keep learning.

Need of THA

In India alone, over 50,000 students graduate every year Not enough resources available to give these students a quality education You can imagine having a repertory teacher who is over the highest quality or A Doctor teaching Organon or Materia Medica available to every one of those students It’s not an easy task but with the help of THA  it can be done.

THA Motto :

“Tell me and I forget,

Teach me and I may remember,

Involve me and I learn.”

                                              ― Benjamin Franklin

DOHC’S – is all about connection, involvement.
THA’s DOHC’S are a game changer for Homeopathic education
–          available online when you want them
–          low cost
–          helping supplement college curriculums
–          Offering students what they need when they need it.

In this ‘Connected Age’,

DOHC’S help

‘Students’ and
Develop, maintain and be involved in lifelong learning.

On THA Platform,

Leading homeopathic teachers come together to prepare & teach course for students, whether undergraduate or post-graduate and even professional homeopaths.

Technology & Medium

The Digital Online Homeopathy Courses are recorded in the B.Jain Noida office,
In soundproof bunker room,
Equipped with the professional audio video recording equipment’s.
Recorded in a special “green room” that allows to show,
Your computer screen, Statistics and PowerPoint Presentations
Through Multimedia Objects, Graphics & Animations
That can be presented to the students.

Advantage of THA

Access 24 hours a day
Quality education
Quality information
Quality training skills

To develop competencies in the manner that viewer want to learn
To become the best homeopathic practitioner
All over the world
In multilingual format whether they be in Chinese, Spanish, English, German, Brazilian, or Portuguese.

THA aims to assists the Homeopathic community to develop a 21st century solution to a 21st century need.

Welcome to The Homeopathic Academy

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