Dr Ruth Hull

I really enjoyed going back to the fundamental basics of homoeopathy and have started using Dr Nigam’s clear, logical method of assessing each case and prescribing according to specific rules.  It is such a help in my everyday practice to have a very clear method to follow – thank you!    


Andrew Winnicki

Hello Dr Saptarshi Banerjea

Thanks for a great lecture! I just love the way you teach. It’s great to refresh the miasms.

Are you planning to offer more courses at the Homeopathic Academy?




Fantastic portal to study online. I can honestly say I enjoyed every moment. I think The Homeopathic Academy has probably got good teachers & doctors and is helping budding homeopaths to increase their knowledge. These Online Video lectures and support is given to the users are all contributing to this and The Homeopathic Academy would be my first choice if I were to do it all over again. Thank you!


Dr. Deepa Patil

Namaste THA,

Thank you for bringing the enlightening courses by the best teachers.


Moin Shaik


“Very nice teaching!”


Dr Joydev Mondal

West Bengal

“Thanks for your wonderful lectures about miasm.”


Dr Ved Singh


“Excellent way of learning Calc iod materia medica.”


Dr Ved Prakash

Uttar Pradesh

“It is really an excellent course for who believe in Hahnemannian Homeopathy, I have completed my 3 modules in this course and can say it is one of the best course I have attended, it will clear all your confusions and show you the Right Pathway of Homeopathic Treatment.”


Suryaprakash Rao Gare

Andhra Pradesh
“I appreciate the teaching method of Dr. Harsh which is very lucid manner and easy to understand. Previously I got certain doubts about the constitution, symptoms, how to repertorise and finding the singular, striking, uncommon and pecular symptems. Now those are cleared.”

Pinky Talesha

“This information is very useful to know how the homeopathy actually work and what all symptoms should never ignore of the patient with there chief complaint . Thank you ma’am”

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