Doctor J.T Kent has quoted, “While Homeopathy itself is a perfect science, its truth is only partially known. The truth itself relates to the divine, the knowledge relates to the man.”

Listen to Dr Frederik Schroyens, in discussion with THA, and know how Homeopathy has proved to be a perfect science in the clinical experience of Dr Frederik during the last 40 years.

Dr Frederik Schroyens, the author of Synthesis repertory, the expert himself, is going to teach Synthesis repertory. Doctor Schroyens is going to share what is the course about, what benefits will people get from this course, who is the target audience, when to opt it during the career?

Dr Frederik has discussed the 4 ways to rejuvenate one’s practice. Focusing on digitalization, Dr Schroyens is going to run through different aspects of Repertory and Materia Medica during practice, while dealing a case in hand, and teach how, through the use of digital media, some tricks, and logical understanding, one can improve the way to see patients, the way to look at the Reparatory, to understand the Materia Medica and possibly find the remedy benefiting your patients.

Homeopathic Facial Analysis Popularly Known as HFA is an incredible method of reaching the right homeopathic remedy by analyzing the facial features of a patient who walks into the clinic and integrating the same into the miasmatic diagnosis of that patient.

Listen to Grant and Louise Bentley, Homeopaths from Australia, in Discussion with THA where they highlight the technique of using Homeopathic Facial Analysis in everyday medical practice and delve into the theoretical details of the methodology Homeopathic Facial Analysis, covering the linear steps to take when analyzing a patient’s face- how to allocate, measure and incorporate this analysis of facial features with the totality of symptoms presented by the patient.

they explain the amalgam of the presenting complaints, the facial features and the miasm of the patient brings out the most similar homeopathic remedy in the quickest and easiest possible manner, plus the results are accurate.

Homeopathic Facial Analysis simplifies the cumbersome process of repertorization by reducing the apparently similar medicines to a handy few. The method has been verified time and again by homeopathic practitioners world over and the feedback on results have been incredible.

In these pandemic times, when everything is confusion it is imperative to understand where Homeopathy stands and how as Homeopaths we can help.

Listen to Dr Raj K. Manchanda, Director of Ayush, Govt of India and former Director General of Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, Govt of India talk about the past, present and future of Efficacy of Homeopathy in pandemics.

He speaks about the existing evidence of the effectiveness of Homeopathy in such global phenomenon, the opportunities and challenges, and how the practitioners can contribute. Watch now to gain the essential knowledge about Covid 19 and it’s Homoeopathic management.

Dr Shashi Kant Tiwari shares his views on the importance of Repertory and Repertorization when he quotes Dr Barthel – “The need for repertory comes from character of Homeopathy itself.”

He explains to the learners why Repertorization is an essential tool and what is the right way to do it. He delves deep into the confusing areas like Selection of Repertory and the steps to Repertorization.

Illustrations of cases treated with the help of Repertory gives an insight into this important aspect of Homeopathic prescribing.

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Watch Grant Bentley and Louise Bentley talk about the Importance of Miasmatic Diagnosis and their discovered method of doing so by analyzing the Facial Structure of patients which corresponds to the Physical Uniqueness of each individual patient. This method as they call it is the Homoeopathic Facial Analysis, and its clinical application encourages sustainable results in the Homoeopathic practice and is clinically reproducible. It encompasses the utilization of Totality with Miasms as mentioned in the Homoeopathic principles with a more Practical Applicability.

Enroll in  Grant and Loise Bentley’s online course on “Homeopathic Facial Analysis” for an in-depth understanding of this art of prescribing at

Elizabeth Wright states that – “A well taken case is half cured.”

And the other half is cured with the selection of the right remedy, given in right potency with proper repetition.

Watch as Dr Harsh Nigam explains everything that is needed to know about Potency – it’s selection, the logic and mathematics behind it, to make the most difficult aspect of homeopathic prescribing an effortless task.

He delves deep into the art and science of potency selection giving an overview about some lesser known theories, including:

  • Potencies and planes of human sickness
  • French Classification of potencies
  • Series of Potencies
  • Kent’s theory of octave of potencies
  • Logic of potency selection, and many more.
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Cardiovascular Diseases have become one of the leading cause of mortality in our developing nation. In such scenario, as a Homeopath, it is imperative to have a deep understanding about the role and responsibilities of a Homeopathic Practitioner while treating a case of acute chest pain or chronic cardiovascular disease alike.
Watch as Dr. Maneesha Solanki with her years of knowledge and experience clears all the doubts and shows the right path toward a Rational Practice insisting on the Importance of Dr. Hahnemann’s teachings – “the Knowledge of Disease.”
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Use of Miasms in clinical practice with their proper understanding is vital for a good Homeopathic Prescriber.
Watch as Dr. Harsh Nigam with his years of experience shares his knowledge about Miasma Theory with the learners. He explains the theory in various aspects including its historical perspective and the vectorial analysis. Learn Miasms and other Homeopathic Principles from him in detail, enrol in Dr. Harsh Nigam’s Combined Course On “Principles of Homeopathic Prescription | Modus Foundation and Methodology of Homeopathic Prescription | Modus Prescriber” at
Dr. Shashikant Tiwari with his in-depth knowledge on Repertories and Repertorisation explains in this informative session about Dr. C.M. Boger, his life and his works. He further educates about Dr. Boger’s perception and understanding about Repertories by other stalwarts of his time and the idea behind writing his very own Repertory BBCR. Discover some lesser known facts about BBCR and the methodology behind it from Dr. Shashikant Tiwari himself.
Enroll in his course “Repertory at a Glance” to know more about Boger, BBCR and various other stalwarts and their repertories. Visit
Theory of Vital Force is one of the 7 Cardinal Principles of Homeopathy, having a deep understanding of which is considered essential for each and every Homeopath. Watch as Dr. Harsh Nigam explains his very own understanding of this theory and its practical application in Modern Practice.  Learn all the Homeopathic Principles from him in detail, enroll in Dr. Harsh Nigam’s Combined Course On “Principles of Homeopathic Prescription | Modus Foundation and Methodology of Homeopathic Prescription | Modus Prescriber” at
With the Wisdom of 5 Generations of Homeopaths, Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea shares an overview of the knowledge of Miasmatic Prescribing and its efficiency in treatment of various conditions. He talks about how to diagnose and tackle the Miasms behind the diseases for a rapid gentle and permanent cure. To learn miasmatic prescribing from Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea, enroll in his online course “Learning theArt of Rapid Classical Miasmatic Prescribing” at

Homeopathic Materia Medica has various types and ways for studying. One of those much needed ways is the Clinical Study of Materia Medica which helps to visualise each drug in a clinical scenario making this method a very practical one. Watch as Dr. Ronak Shah helps to understand a polycrest remedy Veratrum Album in a clinical way with help of case illustrations focusing on how to perceive the remedy for the patient clinically. Learn about more such remedies from Dr. Ronak Shah in his Online course on Clinical Materia Medica at

Watch as Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea explains how to identify the underlying Miasm and prescribe the correct remedy for a case of Cystic Hygroma. He shows wonderful results by administration of just one dose of a correct anti-miasmatic remedy. As an addition he gives some great clinical tips and lesser known remedies for cases of other cystic swellings, lipomas, etc with their indications. Learn the Miasmatic Dissection of other Commonly Dealt with Diseases and the Miasmatic Features of Remedies from Dr. Banerjea in his course on “Learning the Art of Rapid Classical Miasmatic Prescribing” at

Dr. Akshay Swami with his in-depth knowledge of Homeopathic Principles and Philosophies, gives his insight into the right method of Homeopathic Clinical Practice. Watch as he explains the basic principles of homeopathy and the need to follow them in practice. He talks about the 3 branches of medicine – Prophylaxis, Diagnosis and Therapeutics; the 7 cardinal principles of homeopathy and many more such essential topics.
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Watch as Dr. Harsh Nigam, in the Session 2 on this Topic, explains the Theory of Miasma as stated by various stalwarts and as understood by himself. He also gives an insight on how the 5 Hypersensitivity Reactions can be related to 5 Miasms, namely – Psora, Syphilis, Sycosis, Tubercular and Cancer.
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Dr. Ronak Shah with his years of experience emphasises on the need for Clinical Study of Homeopathic Materia Medica. Watch as Dr. Ronak Shah helps to understand a polycrest remedy – Phosphorus, with help of case illustrations focusing on how to visualise the remedy in patients clinically. Learn about more such remedies from Dr. Ronak Shah in his Online course on Clinical Materia Medica at
Understanding the role of Immunity in health management is vital for every Medical Professional. Watch as Dr. Harsh Nigam explains all bout Immunity and immunological responses in relation to the Miasms. He gives a detailed insight into the diagnosis, treatment and Management protocol of Covid 19 cases with Homeopathy, proving the efficacy of Homeopathic Treatment and prevention for Covid 19.
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Dr Monika Devgan Kathuria, with her years of experience her in this field mentions the tips and tricks to prepare for competitive exams in Homeopathy. Watch as she advises and explains how to study smart and study hard to achieve the goal. She gives her insight on the best resources for exam preparation and development of interpersonal skills to crack job interviews. 
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